Welcome to the adventure of teaching your family Mandarin Chinese in the home. Whether you are a veteran or a complete beginner, the resources on this site will help you introduce your family to Chinese in a fun and structured way. The materials are geared with flexibility so that the youngest child can participate, regardless of their reading and writing skill. The hope is to get your family speaking Chinese in the home environment right away.

Our 6 year old was wanting to learn a second language…He has loved doing all of the practice activities that come at the end of each chapter and the many illustrations and story pages make it so easy for him to follow along with each lesson.  It’s been so much fun being able to do this with him and to see how well he’s picking it up!


This book is easy to follow and has adorable graphics and photos! It is easy for parents to use too. You can just pick it up and go and there’s handy references in each chapter, right where you need it.