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New Release! Tiny Chinese Homeschool Vol. 2 is available on Amazon!

This next instructional book helps children explore their world outside their home. It covers Chinese vocabulary and phrases to go shopping, go to school, eat out, and talk with your neighbors. Colorful worksheets, puzzles, and repeatable games make this book more appealing to kids. The difficulty is the same as the first volume, and the books do not need to be done in order.

Tiny Chinese Homeschool Vol. 1 is available on Amazon!

This book is fun! There are activities, simple worksheets, games, and colorful pictures on every page. It has been kid-tested for the last two years and ready for you to enjoy. It includes 12 lessons that cover basic, daily topics like animals, eating and drinking, and clothes. There are 4 review chapters that help test the learner with vocabulary and phrases combined from the previous lessons.

Mr. Big and Mr. Small is available on Amazon in paperback!

Mr. Big and Mr. Small and Other Short Stories in Chinese is a Level 1 Chinese Easy Reader. It is one of three original stories in this book. How is this different from other Chinese easy readers out there? Each book contains 3 short stories; each short story contains a “Tips for Parents’ section and a “Let’s Review” game section that guides the reader to focus on just a few characters each story. It also helps the reader know how to utilize the vocabulary in another context. The pinyin and the characters are separated on the page which fosters character independence.

The Black Panda is available on Amazon in paperback!

The Black Panda and Other Short Stories in Chinese is a Level 2 Chinese Easy Reader. This book contains 3 short stories that are adaptations of classic tales that kids are already familiar with. With the “Tips for Parents” section, pinyin and characters separated on the page, and the “Let’s Review” game section, this easy reader is both focused and fun for beginning Chinese learners.

Turkey Rides a Rocket is available on Amazon in paperback.

Turkey Rides a Rocket and Other Short Stories in Chinese is sure to make you giggle! This turkey is always getting into trouble and finds some unexpected help along the way. This book contains 3 original short stories: Turkey Rides a Rocket, Where is Little Brother, and Mama’s Tea. This book is highly interactive, with the second story being a find-the-object-game, and each story ending with a review game. Worried about pronunciation? Each book comes with online audio and sound effects to enhance the reading experience.

Newly Released!

Dinosaurs Bam Bam is now available on Amazon in paperback.

Dinosaur Bam Bam is a rhyming good time, fit for the littlest Chinese learners. Two dinosaurs–one red, and one heavy–crash into each other. What starts as a misunderstanding, escalates into a jurassic mess. Can a little empathy save the day? This book will help your kids practice empathy in their own lives. Even if you are new to Chinese, this book has the tools to help you read it. It contains Traditional Chinese characters, pinyin romanization, English translation in the back, online audio, and discussion questions for little and big kids.