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Happy Chinese New Year!

This year is especially exciting to me because it is the Year of the Rabbit– that’s my year! Yesterday, my husband was talking about an article he read on an app called “Dú Zhōngwén” which is a great app to read Chinese articles that are short and has varying levels of difficulty. Anyway, the article was able how the tradition of giving children red envelopes started.

Apparently, it started with a myth that there was a little demon that would come and touch the foreheads of children to harm them–make them sick with fever or a cold, or worse! But the parents of the children realized that if they put money under their pillow, then the demon would leave them alone. Later this story morphed into parents just giving children red envelopes with money inside for good luck. I laughed when I heard this story because I can imagine a little demon touching foreheads and causing havoc, but I can imagine the fear it would inspire in a lot of children’s heads at night.

So I decided to make a red envelope cut-out (minus the demons) for a fun way to practice giving red envelopes to each other. Maybe you can really slip in money!


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