Beta Lessons

Enjoy printables of my beta lessons for free! Each beta lesson comes with 1. a vocabulary page, 2. a dialogue page, and 3. a worksheet page. ¬†You can spend one day on a lesson or one week! The most important part is that you utilize the words and phrases you’ve learned outside the lesson, in day-to-day life. Once I’ve received enough feedback to tweak my beta lessons, I will compile the final versions into a book available for purchase at a low price. Your input is so helpful to me. Thank you!

Lesson 1: Family Greetings

Lesson 2: Asking for Food

Lesson 3: I Like/Dislike Animals

Lesson 4: Colors and Clothes

Lesson 5: Daily Activities

A lot of my lessons are dependent on being able to read pinyin. Some can learn pinyin on the fly, but if you need more of a breakdown, here is a website that teaches it well.