Never Stop Teaching

My daughter is bright, but can’t stand sitting for more than 5 minutes. She doesn’t walk, she skips. She doesn’t talk, she sings – and quite loudly. Even in her sleep, her limbs are sprawled as if she were in mid-motion. So in teaching her a language, I’ve had to be creative.

Lately, we’ve been playing a simple game in the bathtub to reinforce what we’ve been learning that week. These are bath crayons by the way, they are suppose to wipe off easily from any bath surface, and my 1-year old son thinks they’re delicious. Anyway, the game is to use bath crayons and draw vocabulary pictures on the side of the tub and call out the vocabulary words. If identified correctly, my daughter wipes the picture away. She likes wiping it away. It appeases the destructive desires in her.

The point is, when teaching a language, never stop teaching. Be it breakfast, naptime, bathtime, there is always 1-2 minutes where you can show your child the language in another context.

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