Progress! 10 chapters down, 10 to go.

Time is passing so quickly, and I can hardly keep up with Rosie’s Chinese learning abilities.

She’ll often ask me, “What is this is Chinese?”

Sometimes I’ll say, “I don’t know.”

“Oh, it’s this:______________” And then she’ll make up her own word for it, complete with tones.

So that’s my cue to hurry it up, lest she make up her own language out of impatience.



Good news! I’m about half way done. I’m planning on having the first book be 15 chapters with 5 mini-review chapters (so 20 chapters total). I shooting for end of year for this to be available for everyone.

It’s been quite an adventure, with some chapters proving to be so fun and easy to learn while others seem like pulling teeth. Rosie has been amazing in giving me subtle feedback – like in the “Colors and Clothing” chapter, she inspired me to add the vocabulary word, “pink,” because that was her favorite color, and how dare it wasn’t in the lesson.

But it’s coming along and evolving! Thanks to this little tester:






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