Let’s Vote: A New Cover for Vol. 2

Vol. 2 is set to be released this fall (September 2021). It is still centered on every day vocabulary within the family, but it takes the learner outside the home to their community. You will learn to introduce your classmates, to ask your neighbors where they are going, to order food, to buy groceries with a grocery list, to tell time, and more! So a new and exciting cover is in order–one that shows a child exploring their world.

I created a couple options for covers, and now I need your help! I’ve decided to publish the cover the receives the most votes. Look at the options below, and see which one gets you most interested in the book.

Option 1 shows my daughter laughing at some bugs in the air. It is very simple graphically. There are some drawings in the corner of some vocabulary they will learn in the book, but no explanation. Just a taste.

Option 2 shows my daughter and son together looking at bugs. I thought it might be better representation to show both a boy and girl on the cover. I also put more technical detail in the corner of the page.

So which option should be the official book cover? Time to vote! Comment on this post if you have an account, or visit Tiny Chinese Homeschool on Facebook or Instagram to see our post about the cover and comment on which cover works best for you.

Thank you so much for everyone who has helped support this endeavor. I can’t wait for you to have Tiny Chinese Homeschool Vol. 2 come September!

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