Coming Soon!

Exciting news, Tiny Chinese Homeschoolers! Two new books are coming in a couple months! These were inspired by easy/early readers that my daughter (age 5) loves to read because they are simple enough for her to read without any help. So I gave myself the task to write stories that utilize only 15 characters or less. It is a lot harder than it seems!

After months of writing, illustrating, tweaking, kid testing, they are almost ready, Here is a sneak peek of the covers!

These books teach characters through repetition and rhyme–it’s a very naturalistic approach. There are parent tips before each story. At the end of each story, there is a word list for easy review, and an activity or a game so readers can test their knowledge. It’s really approachable and fun!

The best part is that these will be available both in paperback and Kindle-version. The Kindle-version can have audio attached, so kids can have the book read to them if they like. I’m working on the audio right now, and I’m trying to make it interactive and immersive. Maybe there will be subliminal messages playing quietly–just kidding! I think this will be a game changer and connect people to Chinese like never before.

Does this sound like something you would read to your child at night? What classic stories would you like turned into a Tiny Chinese Homeschool Easy Reader? Let me know! And I’ll keep you posted for the book launch. As always, happy learning!



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