You’re Invited to a Book Launch!

Finally! It’s here! I’m so proud of these little gems that really fill a niche of encouraging children to read Chinese characters by themselves. Kids learn best through the context of stories, and these light-hearted illustrations and text make Chinese fun to listen to and READ!

So what is this book launch going to entail? First I will explain a special sale that will only run from now until the beginning of March. I will let you see the inside of the book and get an idea of how you can utilize this with your kids–whether you are a Chinese speaker or not. I have some cute video promos to share of my kids reading the book themselves. Finally, I will explain the contest/prize associated with giving the most helpful review for these books.

What should you do now? Make sure to like the Tiny Chinese Homeschool Facebook Page so you don’t miss anything and stay tuned for next Tuesday! If you like what you see, share the launch posts with your friends so more people can enjoy these books.

Happy Learning!


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