Chinese Easy Readers Launched!

It’s official! These books are launched! To celebrate, I explain the sale and contest, show a preview of the book, and answer some FAQ in the video below! If you don’t have time to watch, check out the summary below that!

FB Live Book Launch Video

Tiny Chinese Easy Reader books strive to take original and classic stories and simplify them so there are just a few words/characters on each page. Pair this with the online audio, and this becomes a fun, no-stress way to learn some Chinese. Each book includes 3 short stories!

These books are different from the Chinese easy reader books out there because:

1. There are parent tips at the beginning to help guide the reader into just focusing on a couple characters or a couple phrases.

Tips for Parents

2. The traditional Chinese characters and pinyin are far apart from each other on the page. This is very purposeful so pinyin can be used as a pronunciation reference, but not as a crutch. Eventually, the reader can just look at the characters to read the book.

Pinyin and Traditional Chinese Characters are far apart.

3. There are games in the back of each story so the learner can review what he/she has learned. This helps take the words in the book and apply them in a different context.

Let’s Review Game

Both Tiny Chinese Easy Reader books are on sale right now from $10 to just $7.99. The sale is good for just a couple weeks, so be sure to order before March rolls around. This sale is to reward any first buyers/early birds that help these books take off!

Last time, I had a book giveaway–which helped garner excitement about the release, but didn’t have good return in getting reviews. So this time I want to do a “Most Helpful Review Contest” where you can leave a review for the book on the Amazon product page and get a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

What counts as a helpful review? A review that shows you have actually opened and used the book is good start. Talk about if you like the audio elements. Talk about the review games. Post a picture or two. Discuss your kid’s reaction to it (if you are doing this for a child) and what age/language level they are. Even if you have things that didn’t go well for you, write about that too so other people in a similar situation will know what to expect. This contest ends the same time the sale ends, so if you plan to participate, get the book in the first week of the sale and review it in the second week so you have enough time to form an opinion about it. The review can be for the paperback or kindle versions!

I will looks at all the reviews for both easy reader books and choose the one that is most helpful on March 4th, 2020 – I will make a post here and on the FB page to announce the winner! After I notify the winner, he/she will be emailed an e-gift card to spend on…well, whatever the winner wants! If you are buying these books anyway, please take the time to leave your thoughts on the product page. There is nothing that is more helpful to a product’s success than good, honest reviews.

Thank you, to everyone who popped in here to support the launch. It means a lot to me. I hope these books make Chinese accessible to you, and make you chuckle here and there.

Happy Learning!


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